Five Shots of Absolute Vodka for $5!

5 different flavored shots of Absolute Vodka for $5!

 Are you brave enough? How quick can you do it?


Several types of Absolute vodka
Absolut Vodka (Blue Label since 1979, alcohol content 40%)
Absolut Vodka (Red Label, alcohol content 50%) – production stopped
Absolut Peppar (produced since 1986 with the aroma of pepper)
Absolut Citron (produced since 1988 with the aroma of citrus fruits)
Absolut Kurant (produced since 1992 with the aroma of black currant)
Absolut Mandrin (produced since 1999 with the aroma of orange and mandarin)
Absolut Vanilia (produced since 2003 with the aroma of vanilla)
Absolut Raspberri (produced since 2004 with the aroma of raspberry)
Absolut Peach (produced since 2005 with the aroma of peach)
Absolut Ruby Red (produced since 2006 with the aroma of grapefruit)
Absolut Pears (produced since 2007 with the pear flavor)
Absolut Mango (produced since 2008 with the flavor of mango)
Absolut Level (produced since 2004) – produced in certain countries
Absolut 100 (available since 2007, alcohol content 50%)
Absolut Berri Acai (produced since 2010 with the aroma of Acai (Evterpe))
Absolut WILD TEA (black tea, elderflower flavor, available from 2010)
Absolut ORIENT APPLE (ginger apple, same taste Absolut SVEA, available from 2011)
Absolut GRAPEVINE white grape, dragon fruit & papaya flavor (available from 2011)
Absolut Miami (available in 2012 with the flavor of citrus)