Bar with better views

About Bamboo Bar

Since 20.01.2018 Bamboo Bar moved to the Cruise ship Sunny Boat.   About Bamboo Bar on the cruise ship Sunny Boat! Large selection of cocktails, high-quality alcohol, and English-speaking bartender. Come aboard to a large three-deck comfortable boat and embark on

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Cruise with bamboo

Chilled vibes and a full bar.

Cruise Sunny Boat

cruise Sunny Boat Start Cruise an exciting adventure! Wild islands, colorful inhabitants of the sea depths and crystal clear water. Take a swim in the bay of Koh Rong and Koh Rong Samloem, with colorful sandy beaches. You will see

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Cocktail Bar

Bamboo Cocktail Bar Full cocktail bar work along the cruise trip. The bar card offers a wide range – from classic cocktails and a variety of shots for every taste and color and refreshing drinks. When preparing cocktails we use

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On the boat

Bar on the boat Floating with us on a sea cruise with a foam party right on the boat! Enjoy our various cocktails on the big 3-floor cruise boat Sunny Boat. You can sunbathe and relax on the upper deck

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To start a sea trip buy tickets on the pier of Serendipity or before the boat departure (at 9:30 am)
Contact us to reserve a ticket