Support Bamboo

Bamboo is growing daily and we are looking at ways to improve it and grow.

We have set up an account which is specifically for improvements Bamboo Bar.

Donations can be made using the following details:

Bank: ABA Bank
Account Name: Anna S.
Account Number: 000142421
Swift Code: ABAAKHPP



Also you can help the wild nature of different countries by clicking on the link below.

Why turtles are amazing and why they need our help


Are you passionate about preserving the planet’s vulnerable species? your donations will go to help the wild nature. It’s imperative that our oceans and species, like the beautiful Sea Turtle, remain alive and healthy, as each creature has a role to play in the world’s ecosystem – including the survival of mankind. When we weaken or destroy something like the sea turtle or coral reef, we endanger our own survival as a species.